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'Kathy Offering Us That Sweet Side'

OK, we're the first to admit that the corpulent Kinney isn't a conventional "hot." But she's most definitely a hip "hot." Kinney, who plays the nasty, massively blue-eyshadowed, colorfully blindingly dressed "Mimi" on ABC's solid hit "The Drew Carey Show," has built her character from a guest role into a recurring role last season, and this season, (and many more to come) she's one of the sitcom's favorite regulars.

Mimi may be the secretary- and fellow-employee-from- hell, but her antics -- and how she entices Carey (both the actor and the character) into like activities and pranks -- have helped audiences both find and return to the series. This season, Mimi's been the subject of two particularly hilarious "Carey" episodes -- where Mimi gets banished to the basement, in a twist on "Phantom of the Opera," and the Halloween show, where Carey came dressed like Mimi. The first shot where Carey walks up in a hideous ensemble, clown-like eyeshadow and colored pumps was reason enough to tune in. Kinney began her career in New York, where her friend Bill Sherwood cast her in his movie "Parting Glance." You might remember Wisconsin-native Kinney from theater roles, from movie roles ("Scrooged," "Mr. Jones," "This Boy's Life") or for guest-starring on TV series such as "Seinfeld," "The Larry Sanders Show," "Grace Under Fire," "Dream On," "Fallen Angels." She also had a two-season stint on "Newhart," as Miss Goddard, the town librarian. But you'll always remember her as Mimi. Kinney's created a character no one can forget. And that takes talent, if not charm. You'd never want the Antonio Banderas and troll-doll-obsessed Mimi sitting next to you ("Bite me, doughboy!")... heck, you probably wouldn't even want her on your side. But you'd surely want Kinney -- and her creatively different and hilarious bent -- on your sitcom.


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