Kathy Kinney! In A BBW Fashion Mag?

The Fallowing is just a bit of what Mode (the new BBW magizine) had to say about Mimi Bobek

On Authority

"Bite me, Dough Boy."

The Set Up: She's a humble secretary in the large department store where she and Drew work (he's the assistant human resources manager), but mimi has a delicious edge. She's the boss's secretary, which means she's perfectly placed for a little srategic pffice play (memo interception, deleting of files, that sort of thing). Not surprisingly, the fake-fur (hers) flies when she and Drew share the screen: The spar incessantly and Mimi's jabs frequently are the more cutting.

Back To KathyKinney:

Why We Like To Watch: Do not try to adjust your TV dial: Mimi is supposed to look like that ("I think of makeup as my palette and my face as my canvas".) In one scene, she's a fairy princess in layers of pink tulle; in the next, a roly-poly dominatrix in a blue satin storm-trooper cap. Mimi surly was supposes to be the comic foil for the wooden Drew: a fat lady in outrafeous costumes who would be more at home at the circus than on ABC. But even with her garing blue eye shadow, helmet hair, and wacky outfits, Mimi gives this otherwise mediocre sitcom a hilarious edge. Mimi Bobek should have been a throwaway character--- just another pathetic, overweight single woman who smolders for Antonio Banderas and finds herself on the receiving end of every sour Fatal Attraction Joke. Sure , she's unruly ans a little hard on the eye (easy on the eye to me), but it's spurring your audience to spuirm what comedy's about? Thankfully, there's no silly talk about big hips and wide load. Mimi a chaaracter who should leave all women cheering: a smart working gal who mouths off to managment without a hint of remorse.

Fashion Statment:Think bold! Think over the top! drag! The costume designer from the flashiest, trashiest off-Broadway musical would find dressing Mimi a dream job.

Nancy Gagliardi is a writer and editor who lives in New York City